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Cold Weather Skin Care Tips

It's that time of year again when we break out those warm coat, winter boots, gloves and scarfs to protect for skin from the cold elements. But what about our skin.

Cold weather can dry out our skin and cause it to crack and bleed. We are going to talk about how to protect your skin from the brutal harsh cold weather.

Since loosing moisture in the skin is one of the biggest cold weather skin problem. We decide to find out which natural oil that are great for your dry skin.

* Jojoba Oil - general dry skin

* Olive Oil - very dry skin

*Avocado Oil - dry skin, sensitive skin and irratated skin

*Argan Oil - dry skin and hair

*Safflower Oil - dry irrataed skin

*Flaxseed Oil - irratated, sensitive skin

For other oils that might help check out Everyday Health website.

We asked asked a few people what were some skin care routines they use during the cold weather. Some didn't realize how important it was to protect your skin during the winter and some gave us tips used in their families growing up here are a few.

"A tip my family used growing up was vaseline on our skin for moisture."

King Musa

Baltimore, MD

"In our family we used cocoa butter lotion for added moisture."


Harrisburg, PA

"Chap stick is a must have in the winter."

Sarah P.


"Drink plenty of water not just in warm weather but also cold."

Mary C.

Mary's Treasures LLC

These are all good tips but we visited the Everyday Health website to get thier take on how to protect our skin in winter season.

*Invest in a humidifier. (It adds moisture to the air.)

*Surprisingly turning down our thermastats can help with dry skin problems.

*Limit your shower time and use cooler temp.

*Use fragrance free cleaners and switch from soap bars to fragrance free moisturizing cleanser or gel.

Limit your lathering to necessary areas.

*Use cream based cleansers and apply toners and astringents sparingly or not at all. At night use a moisturizer on face and lips are also important so applying a good lip balm or even petroleum jelly can help.

*After washing hands moisturize them. Lotions are better and warm weather.

*Apply sunscreen on gray winter days. (snow can reflect uv rays)

*Keep wool and rough clothing from directly touching skin. Protect your hands with gloves or mittens. (try maybe cotton or silk liner)

*Eat right stay hydrated.

*Change out of wet clothes quickly.

Here are some suggestions from our shop to add to your winter skin care products. This is our Black Soap Body Wash Shea Butter Lip Balm and our Moisturizing Whipped Body Butter. Shop

Moisturizing Whipped Body Butter

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