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Sun Protection For The Family

Let's Talk Natural Sunscreen Protection

Mary's Treasures LLC June 2021

First let's talk about ultraviolet light also known as UV rays. UV rays come from the sun, sun lamps and tanning beds. When we are exposed to the sun our bodies absorbs calcium by making vitamin D. But, when over exposure happens it could lead to skin cancer, premature skin aging, liver spots, leathery skin and DNA damage to cells.

Some suggestions to protect yourself from sun damage are to wear sunscreen daily, wear protective clothing, avoid the sun in the middle of the day when UV rays are the strongest and of course protect those gorgeous eyes of yours with filtered UV sunglasses. There are also some natural ingredients that you can look for or include in your skincare products such as products with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide which are natural sunscreen active ingredients. Our Bath Bombs of the Month for June has titanium dioxide included plus a blend of essential oils you will love.

For those of us who are moisture freaks there are actually butters and oils that give our skin some protection. They are....

  1. Shea Butter 4-6 SPF

  2. Olive Oil 7 SPF

  3. Coconut Oil 4-6 SPF

  4. Almond Oil 5 SPF

  5. Carrots Seed Oil 35-40 SPF

  6. Red Raspberry Seed Oil 25-50 SPF

Just to name a few. Adding these to your skincare regiment can help with sun protection when used correctly.

We love natural products and we want to give you some names of natural sun protection products that are said to be family friendly. Like Botanical Sunscreen by Australian Gold (grease free finish), Sunforgettable Total Protection Body Shield by Colorescience, Copperfield. Pure & Simple by Coppertone. Also drink plenty of water to help keep your skin moisturize and glowing.

Please stay safe everyone. If you need any help find skincare and holistic products for you or you loved ones email us at or call 717 810-9850. We love you 💗

Product of the Month

Available now is our OM Soap is made with natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, Cedarwood and Frankincense essential oils. It comes in large soap bars and also 2 packs. It was made to pamper your skin and wrap you in aromatherapy. We have soap grab bags available that are 3 large bars and 1 small bar of your choice for $20 or 4 small bars and 1 large bar of your choice for $15, just email and let's get you pamper.

Business Of The Month

Sage Goddess has tons of healing crystals, candles and holistic products that you should really check out. The colors and styles of their products are eye catching. They also have online classes for crystal healing and alchemy. Check them out on Instagram @thesagegoddess and show them some love.


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