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Coconut Oil Boosting Tips

Okay, so my first blog post was about the egg in hair overnight trick and we loved it. So this time I thought we would try out coconut oil tips since everyone is singing praises over it.

I went on line and asked some of our friends at school about some of the things they have heard about coconut oil. Most of my friends were really into the fact of how healthy it leaves your hair. Did you know that coconut oil is used to promote hair growth and also leaves your hair shiny. As I did my internet research we also learned that coconut oil provides proteins that are required for healing damaged hair. This made me immediately want to try some in my hair so this is one of those time your glad our family has a soap making business so we asked for some coconut oil washed and conditioned our hair and applied the coconut oil on for an hour. After I washed it out and dried my hair it was much more softer and manageable. So I give this on line experiment a ten. I would definitely do it again.

Coconut oil is also an effective moisturizer for your skin. It help with the delaying of sagging skin and wrinkles. For people who suffer from eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis it helps with relief. Also if your looking to lose weight it helps with that to. Coconut oil is awesome!!! But that's our opinion you should do your own research to find out for yourself.

I do have some items that our family sells at or on under MarysTreasuresllc1. Some of them have coconut oil in them. We use the body scrubs and face scrubs. I am including in my blog a picture of one of us after using the lemon face scrub and a picture of one my favorite scrubs us showing you how one of the body scrubs works. And I will be back next week with anther beauty tip and pics. Thanks. More from Amor's Tips coming soon with giveaways.

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